Mario Galardo

I began my career in the year 2000, on the post-production side of entertainment, working in a 3D generalist and matte painting position for film and TV. In 2003 I transitioned to the videogame industry, working on game cinematics at Ubisoft's Montréal studio. Having a passion for storytelling, I decided to step away from my 3D role and dove into a writing position. After several titles as story writer I took the role of cinematic director until 2011- The year I left the videogame industry. Something was missing, it was a time of renewal for me. I decided to return to my childhood passion- Illustration. Taking my extended knowledge of post-production, writing, directing, and overall cinematography experience, I decided to dive into storyboarding, or story art. Since then I have worked on several projects in feature animation and TV series, as well as videogame cinematics.

What I Do


You have the script, I draw the story.

Beat Boards (B&W or Colored)

'Want your most important beats to pop? Whether it's in color of black and white, I draw beats that pop.

Video Editing

Need those storyboards for tomorrow morning? I edit quickly on DaVinci Resolve Studio.